Back after a break, and the wonder of LinkedIn

Well, I’m finally back after a break of a few weeks from this blog – the reason is that life has been a bit hectic recently, because I have just left Fox IT and joined TeamUltra, so I have had lots of handing over of my Fox IT stuff, and getting up to speed with the TeamUltra stuff.  See the “Useful Links” in the sidebar for a link to the TeamUltra web site.

That brings me on to “the wonder of LinkedIn”.  I changed my LinkedIn status to indicate that I was about to leave Fox IT, and I had loads of responses from my LinkedIn contacts wishing me luck, and asking where I was going – many of them from people I haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time.  This has demonstrated to me the power of social networking tools such as LinkedIn, and I will definitely use it as much as possible in the future.  So, to all my LinkedIn colleagues, thank you – and to anyone reading this who isn’t a member, go to and sign up.  You can link to my profile from the sidebar or the “Welcome to my web site” page.

More posts to come soon – promise!

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