Welcome to my IT Service Management and IT Governance blog

Well, after a few weeks of experimentation and finding my feet with registering my web domain, getting the web hosting sorted out, and familiarising myself with WordPress, I think I’m just about ready to launch this blog on to an unsuspecting world.  My main areas of interest are IT Governance and IT Service Management; these areas are very dynamic at the moment, and they are continuing to rise up the agendas of many IT Directors and Board members.

In the area of IT Governance, a new international standard – ISO/IEC 38500 – has recently been released, and the emerging global best practice framework – COBIT – is growing more popular.

In the IT Service Management world, the refresh of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), commonly known as ITIL v3, is now a year old, and the anniversary has attracted a lot of comment and opinion about whether it is better or worse than the previous version.

In this blog I will aim to give my views on the latest events in this sector of the IT industry, and to provide links to the views of other commentators in the industry (even if I don’t agree with them).  It would be nice to get feedback on my postings (even if you don’t agree with me), so please feel free to leave a comment to give your views on the subject.

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