Carnegie Mellon University to offer degree in Service Management

Carnegie Mellon University have announced that from later this year they will be offering a 14-month intensive on-campus masters degree programme – Master of Science in Information Technology in IT Service Management (MSIT-ITSM).   The university’s Institute for Software Research, part of its School of Computer Science, will be delivering the programme.  You might be familiar with Carnegie Mellon as the developers of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and its variants.  Details of this new degree are given in a press release from CMU.

Although the title of the degree is IT Service Management, the curriculum comprises 4 core areas:

  1. IT, Computing and Software Engineering
  2. Behavioural and Management Sciences
  3. Quantitative Methods
  4. IT Service Management

Although this is a post-graduate degree, which implies a rather academic approach, there is a practical element to the course – although I’m not sure how much hands-on learning it is possible to achieve in a 14-month course.  The requirements for candidates also includes 3-5 years of relevant industrial experience.  I think you would need a very understanding employer to allow you 14 months off work to attend this course – either that or a pot of money that would enable you to fund yourself.

Intriguingly, there is no mention of industry best practice frameworks such as ITIL or MOF, so it would be interesting to know whether they are included in the curriculum.  It would also be useful to know how this qualification would fit with the existing qualification and certification structure for IT Service Management offered by APM Group (for ITIL v3) and ISEB, EXIN and other examination bodies (for earlier versions of ITIL).  The fact that it takes 14 months suggests that it is more thorough than the ITIL Managers course!

The press release doesn’t include a link to a more detailed syllabus, only an email address for additional information and application forms.  If anybody has obtained this additional information, I’d appreciate it if you could share it with me!  The CMU web site does include it in a list of “Professional Masters” programmes, but there is no further information provided.  In case you’re interested in signing up for the course, Carnegie Mellon is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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